Although Burmese cats live with us for not so a long period of time, some secrets of grooming were opened by me, and some what I have learned from articles in the Internet..

Many Burmese owners recommend daily to wipe hardly by a moist rag or piece of shammy, to remove superfluous hairs, but if you do not have time, it will be fully enough, if once per week you will comb out cat with the special rubber brush or mitten. Please pay attention that denticles at brush were soft, because the hard ones will tear out hairs too much, and you will not notice, as bald spots will appear on an animal.

It is also good to use some antistatic during a comb-out, for example Bio-Groom Anti-Stat. Certainly, it’s not cheap, but trust me such bottle you will have for a few years, and there is a lot of benefit of it! It is not sticky, does not injure a skin and eyes, and protects a skin and hairs especially in winter time from harmful influence of heating devices.


Sometimes incidents happen in life, and if cat was stained, she can not be treated without washing. It is also desirable to wash cat before an exhibition, only please do not do it on the eve of exhibition!!! Hairs of Burmese cats are very thin, easy and after drying out of cat looks not like a «silk stone», but fluffy cloud.

I’m washing my cats about 10 days before the exhibition, with the use of shampoo Bio-Groom Protein-Lanolin. As my cats are inured to the bath and noise of water from childhood, they like to wash in there. Although some cat owners use deep plastic pelves or buckets for these aims. We wrap in an animal in a large terry towel and try to wipe as dry as possible, neatly wipe a wadding tampon an auricle, collecting sulphuric excretions, if they were amass there.

If it was not done before the bathing, you can cut claws when cat is wrapped. Usually I clip claws on front paws fortnightly (sometimes more frequently, sometimes rarer), and once per a month on the back paws. I know that some owners of Burmese do not clip the back claws, but we had a few cases, when during the playing cats were and made pretty deep scratches, even through clothes.

Thereon, if your cat is a pet class it is possible to finish her or his grooming, if you prepare to the exhibition, in remaining days well comb out a cat with addition of Mink Oil or Anti-Stat and preferably with a natural bristle brush.


For Eyes: solution of NaCl 0.9% (can be purchased in a pharmacy), to apply of necessity. GelSoin des Yeux of Laboratoires Hery, to remove dark patches under eyes (inflicted on cotton wool pad or paper handkerchief, and to clean under eyes, also pure water can be used).

Claws: on front legs to cut 1 time per 2 weeks, on back legs 1 time per a month.

Dewroming - two weeks before yearly revaccination.