- Royal Canin 34 (Babycat) - up to 4-5 months

- Hills Kitten or Royal Canin Kitten 36 - from 4-5 months up to one year old

Moist forage

- chicken filet boiled thoroughly during 3-4 minutes in Microwave owen on 700 W + to sprinkle with the vitamins JuniorCal half of teaspoon on portion
- Curd (home-made): glass of milk and 1/3 glass of kefir (Greek yogurt): to warm milk and gradually infuse into kefir, to stir all time. When lumps of curd start to appear and to emerge up, to take off from a fire and lay out in a sieve or gauze, that cooled off. It is possible to give warm for 1-2 spoons at one time
-an quail egg, raw to fluff up – 1-2 times per a week, from 4-5 months
- Can foods Animonda, Schesir Cat, Jelly by Almo Nature – in packs and cans
- A grind beef , frozen within a week - 50-100 gr on portion


To prevent hairballs in stomack - Laxativ paste, 3mm twice per week till age 6 months; after age 6 months - 1cm of paste twice per week.


Toilet filler: at start Cat’s Best OkoPlus (shallow, not granules!), after age 4-5 months – Extreme Classic or similar.