Before your selected  kitten will come into your home, you need to make some preparations:

- To restrict kitten's access to electricity wires, household chemicals and poisonous plants for cats. Remember that the main enemy of the kitten is a low temperature and the draft;
- To purchase in time portable (preferably plastic) carrier and a soft mattress of correct size. They will be needed to transport the kitten from cattery to your home, and in the future - for transportation of an adult animal to vet for vaccination, if you like to travle then to the country-side, or to the exhibition in case you have show kitten.And also to prepare: a cat-house, at least two bowls for food and one for water, a variety of toys, tray with filler, scratching posts (at least 1 meter high);
- To limit the possibility of  kitten's access to unprotected balcony, to the open window (it is better to put a thin metal screen mesh). 
Best time to take a kitten from a breeder to your house is  in the morning of the day when you can be at home the wholel day, and preferably even two days(week-end).Please, show kitten his/her tray, bowls with food and water, and give enough time to look around on new territory.

Burmese kittens are very active and can unexpectedly appear anywhere - under your feet, on the chair where you are going to sit down, under a blanket on the bed, where you're going to sleep, in the doorway that you close or open. Washing machines and dishwashers must be in the closed position all the time.

 You must be very careful all time to avoid of any injury tht can harm kitten.